We are risk takers and adventurers. Explorers who take chances and see the world. But every explorer requires a home base – a place to come back to. Since my Great Aunt moved here over 70 years ago, the Shanks family has been coming back to Safety Harbor time and time again. Five generations of Shanks family members have walked down Main Street and enjoyed everything this town has to offer. When my father and I decided to take on the adventure of opening our brewery, we planted our base here on Main Street because we love the small town culture of Safety Harbor. But our beer isn’t about being safe. It’s about taking chances and being creative, and we will always try to explore the depths of what beer can be. A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. When you take your ship out of harbor, you may just run into Troubled Waters, and that’s how you know you’re exploring.

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